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The Multitudes – Jews for Jesus

C3 is excited to announce the upcoming art show by Jews For Jesus hosted here at Campus Christian Center on Saturday, 

PathWays To Global Understanding

We are excited as our Fall Course, “PathWays To Global Understanding” kicked off last night! 

Reasoning For Chirst

Ratio Christi meets at Quo Vadis Bookstore, next door to C3, on the second and fourth Fridays of each month from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Ratio Christi, or “reasoning for Christ”, is a student apologetics alliance seeking to support university and college students in defending their faith in the face of intellectual and cultural challenges (see … Continue reading Reasoning For Chirst

Happy Anniversary, C3!

The presence of the Lord was evident on Sunday, 11 August 2013, as we worshiped and celebrated one year of ministry at the Campus Christian Center (C3). We gave glory to God for all He had done in the last 12 months of serving, praying, and ministering together. Among the 100 attendees that night were … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, C3!

Out Of Africa

The African Students Forum began in March 2013 out of a concern that many ASU students from Africa do not get involved in the ministries and activities of Christian groups. It has grown from the original 9 students at the inaugural meeting to the 35 students who are currently involved. Our purpose is to befriend … Continue reading Out Of Africa

Biblical Manhood

The ASU chapter of Greek IV formed last year with the focus of specifically reaching students in fraternities and sororities. We have two staff members, our team lead, Allison, and my wife, Michelle. I am currently volunteering and helping out where needed. All three of us were in a sorority or fraternity and have a … Continue reading Biblical Manhood

Unceasing Prayer

1 Thessalonians tells us to “pray without ceasing” Students on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus are coming together once again to take that

C3 Monthly Finances

It is a miracle that C3 exists. God gave special favor to lease the facility for two years. The owners planned to sell it in 2012. Our current monthly costs are approximately $9,000 ($7,000 rent; $1,500 utilities; plus supplies). Currently, we have $4,500‐6,000 in monthly support. Because of the funds raised for the reserve account … Continue reading C3 Monthly Finances

Christian Unity

Last month’s newsletter highlighted Christian diversity at C3. But Christian unity is the other side of the coin.